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Mint Native Tokens, NFT's, and NFT Collections in one place with an easy to use interface.

Informative and easy to use interface

Your Dashboard provides an overall view into all your projects, your spend, and support status.

Fast, simple & effortless.

Step 1
Create your free account
Step 2
Mint your tokens
Step 3
Transfer to your wallet
Step 4
Build your own ecosystem
amazing possibilities

Welcome to the world of tokens

Easy high level view
You're always one click away from and easy to comprehend list of Collections, Native Tokens, and one off NFT's
Collection time
We give you the ability to easily create as many Collections as you want and then add as many NFT's as you need
NFT for thee
Each NFT you create can have a serial number, as many properties as you want, and assets saved to IPFS, with all metadata saved on chain
pay for only what you mint

Payment is quick and easy

We've brought a traditional wallet payment experience into each minting request allowing you to pay from the desktop or mobile via qr code
Mint And
As soon as we receive your payment, you tokens are sent back to your sending address
Super Smart
Find assets others created by hash, txn, and more
Control everything
in one place
We provide one place to mint all your tokens
Unified simple
We've distilled down the complex steps to sign transactions and mint tokens
Built In Customer
Ticketing system is integrated into the app
Manage and run multiple client projects and assets easily
Expand your
Follow and broadcast to your network your latest assets
Build your
We are building out unique pages you can use to showcase your creations
solid foundation

The Cardano advantage

Cardano is a next generation network built with proof of stake with plenty of room to grow, and native tokens that work on all wallets

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